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Rugen Team Process Service Provides Value And Your Team Profits


  • Ease of doing business.  We are a one stop Kansas City process server site.  Whether you need local or long-distance serves, you enter a quick bit of data on our site, and we respond promptly.

  • Ease of contact & communication with us.  Whether you call or email, you go right to wherever we are.  Our phones go to our office and Ron’s smart phone, as does our email.  Your Kansas City process server is always on duty.

  • Ease of use.  Availability When You Need It.  Anytime day or night, our bulk local users can go to our website, click “Check Status” and with your assigned user name and password, check the latest on your cases; ready when you are.  Also, find out what the process server saw (e.g., cars, name on mailbox) when he was there.  Does your current process server provide this?

  •  Increase in Your Office Productivity.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could go online and tell your Kansas City process server need a summons served in Podunk USA and we work to get you the best price as well as the best local process server available?  You can at ProcessMissouri.com.

  • Confidence.  Confidence knowing your Kansas City process server will do everything legally possible to get your summons, subpoena or lien served.  Nearly 27 years experience in not just “delivering” court papers, but exercising due diligence and tenacity in the process. Fewer non-ests.

  • Affordable.  Our rate in the Kansas City Metro Area (see above counties) is a flat rate for up to four attempts.  We exhaust all options until the papers are served or we find the servee no longer lives there.  We then check databases, neighbors, and the postal service, for potential leads for a new address, all for one flat rate. Due to our reasonable rates, once you send your service to us, the payment is non-refundable.  Our staff promptly enters it in to our service database and assigns it.

  • You Profit.  If you have a tough serve, we work toward getting it done prior to the court’s deadlines to avoid an alias summons.  An alias summons costs you time and money.

  • Your Team and Rugen Team are a Perfect Fit.  Our experience in process serving, as well as that of a collections manager/plaintiff, helps us understand what you want and need and we will give it to you.  Problems?  Ron can be reached directly at 888-511-1919 x9.

  • No Risk. Why Wait?  Gain Peace of Mind.  There is nothing that you need that we cannot provide.  Plus, we offer more features than practically every other local process server.  Why are you waiting to try us?  Let Rugen Team be a part of your team!

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